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Our clients are precious to us and all that we do is confidential to them.
But here are the sectors in which they work

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Not for Profits

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Funded Start-Ups

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International Start-Up

Post acquisition/disposal

Medium-sized Service Based Companies


Success Stories

We are delighted to have been part of many success stories alongside our clients.

The brief cases outlined below demonstrate some of our core expertise and characteristics - good planning, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and commitment to go beyond the norm for our clients.

Funded Start-Up

"Our client was a funded start-up, who brought IFT in from the outset to financially model the project,
create a business plan, and set up processes and procedures to manage the financial process and manage the plan.

We used the IFT process to do this, with a very satisfactory result for all."


"IFT came in and helped us gain financial control of our organisation.
They enabled us to report succinctly, both internally and to our board.
IFT helped us manage our financial controls, reporting and audit process"

Company with Issues

"It had all gone wrong! We hadn't spent enough time or resources to ensure the financial team could run effectively and efficiently.

IFT came in and put a process in place. They got the stuff that was building up out of my way and helped us to move forward.
IFT helped fill the resource gap and helped us to move forward."

Not for Profit

"We had issues arising from previous experiences, so we brought IFT in to help.
IFT assisted our bookkeeper to reorganise the bookkeeping process.
We were growing so rapidly, that we needed assistance in planning and managing the business.
IFT came in and helped us manage those processes to great effect."

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